Do you feel like you're getting more tired every year?

Research shows that as we age, we start losing energy. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • Every year, you have less energy than the year before.
  • You've been gaining weight...even if your diet hasn't changed much.
  • You can't do the things you once did. You feel like you're missing out on a world of possibilities you once had

I'm Ben Yu, founder of Sprayable. The picture below is me now, but what many people don't know is that I suffered from EVERYTHING listed above.

There were so many things that I wanted to do...but wreckless habits and poor sleep left me more and more tired each day. I couldn't do all the fun activities my friends were doing.

Worst of all, I knew that having low energy meant missing out on life.

"Just try an energy drink, Ben," my friends would say.

But products like this...even coffee...never worked for me. (I later found out that 20% of the population don't properly metabolize caffeine when taken orally, especially as they get older.)

Tired of watching the world slowly slip away, I knew I had to invent something to give everyone more energy. 

This "something" eventually became Sprayable Energy.

Inventing Sprayable Energy

But I'm getting ahead of myself...let me talk about how Sprayable Energy came to be.

At the time, I was studying chemstry at Harvard. I dropped out, because I HAD to put all of my focus on a solution.

I'm not sure yet how...but somehow, I managed to get world-class investor Peter Thiel (you know, the first guy to invest in Facebook) to invest in the idea.

Luckily my dad, a PhD researcher in chemistry, had always obsessed over a mechanism called "transdermal delivery." 

That's a fancy way of saying that instead of ingesting something like caffeine, you absorb it through your skin.

This is SUPERIOR to drinking it or taking a pill--something known as "oral delivery." Why? Oral delivery hits your liver all at once and sends it into overdrive.

So we decided to create a "transdermal" mechanism for Sprayable Energy. It wasn't fact it took YEARS to develop.

In our first year, we had an alpha product that we could test. It worked AMAZINGLY. In fact, here is what one of our first customers had to say:

"Sprayable energy is probably the best product I have purchased this year

It allows me to STAY UP with the confidence that I will not suffer from productivity loss like coffee or energy drinks do. Moreover, it helps me in the morning by giving me a quick and welcomed jumpstart, whereas coffee takes time not only to work but also to prepare."

– Timothy C.

We pushed forward, and by year two, we had our own PATENT. Sprayable Energy was born.

Sprayable Energy is the first product that delivers a calm yet potent dose of energy--at just the right amount--through your skin. (Oh, it also costs 85% LESS than coffee or energy drinks.)

It’s natural, effective, and most importantly…SAFE.

Unlike other products like caffeine pills or energy drinks, Sprayable Energy:

  • Gets released slowly and gently. You won't suddently spike your bloodstream with caffeine.
  • Won't cause you to crash. The energy is potent, yet smooth.
  • Is metabolized by ANYONE. Especially people who either feel "too wired" or absolutely nothing on traditional caffeinated drinks.

We're only happy when you're happy

At Sprayable, we’re not just trying to make a quick buck like many other supplements companies. We are truly passionate about fixing the problems of SLEEP, ENERGY, and PRODUCTIVITY. That means we're only happy when you’re happy.

Because of this, if there’s any reason that you’re unsatisfied with Sprayable, you can return it for a FULL refund. No questions asked.

We’re doing this because after listening to everyone who’s tried Sprayable Energy, we KNOW you're going to be pleased with your purchase.

Because you made it this far, we'd like to offer you something special.

Order by midnight and get 25% off your first order of Sprayable Energy. We're doing this because we know you'll be back for more.

By the way, we ship WORLDWIDE!